About Me

A California native, I made the move to Seattle at the end of 2016 and traded in sunshine for rain - lots of rain. I’m able to look back on that move without regrets due to the experiences I’ve found here: White-capped mountains reminiscent of New Zealand, stunning sunsets, a wine scene that raises the eyebrows of Napa Valley snobs, rooftop bars best described as a “Manhattan moment”, and seafood - lots of seafood.

Kyle Weber

While I was enamored with the culinary world in Seattle, I also found a passion for finding the right place to call home. It can be daunting first moving here to sift through so many options, and more emphatically, one for the right price. I quickly found I had a knack for finding the “needle in the haystack.” What fascinated me most about the real estate market in Seattle was that neighborhoods and homes were just as diverse as the food scene. There are beloved 100 year old craftsman homes less than a block from beautiful new construction high rise condominiums. There’s an old 1970’s dive-bar with the best fish’n’chips in town right across from a recently established posh restaurant serving chicken that has a trackable family tree. It became my aim to find these “needles” so that you don’t have to.

After spending years working for various developers throughout the greater Seattle area, I decided to get my real estate license in early 2021. Since then, I have sold 80 homes amounting to a combined worth of over $75,000,000. Partnering with Polaris Pacific, one of the foremost brokerages in new construction, has given me the opportunity to represent some of the most prestigious developers in the area. Now I’d like to share this experience with you.

Let me tell you where you should go out to eat on a lazy Monday night, and what price to list your home at on Thursday morning. Let me find you the home that checks all your boxes, and where the best coffee is for your morning walks once you’ve moved in. Let me guide you through the offer process, and where to celebrate our success.