Selling Your Home

When deciding whether or not to sell your home, it’s important to take a holistic approach to ensure that you’re prepared. Let’s dive into what it takes to sell from inception to closing.

Had Enough Of It, Huh?

Or maybe you’re just sitting on huge gains in equity and it’s time to cash in. There are numerous reasons for selling including but not limited to lifestyle changes, employment changes, economic changes, etc..

Determining the reason to sell is arguably the easiest part. The when? That may require some assistance.

Now or Never?

Possibly. In a perfect world, you sell a home on your terms when the market is in your favor. It’s not always sunny in Seattle.

Due to artificially lowered interest rates from 2020-2022, there is a desperate lack of churn for inventory. Unless forced to, there are few reasons anyone is selling their home bought in that time and turning their 2.5% interest rate into 7%. This lack of inventory has made it a ripe opportunity for Sellers to capitalize on their home being a limited offering.

What’s It Worth?

To determine value, agents use a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). CMA’s will showcase comparable homes currently listed on the market, currently pending on the market, and what has recently been sold. The sold comparables are most important, as they have actually closed and we can see what the final price was. This will give us an opportunity to present our professional opinion on what the market value of your home is.

It’s important that you and your selected representation are aligned when it comes to sales strategy.

Deal Or No Deal?

There are many factors that should keep you alert when reviewing an offer. Some are reasonable, others could present red flags.

Champagne or Cake?

It’s closing day! Make sure to tie up your loose ends and see this through.

There may or may not be a final walkthrough the Buyer elects for a day or two before closing to make sure everything is as agreed. This is more of a formality, and if anything is a push for you to clean and have possessions out faster.

Make sure to transfer your utilities, home services, and forward your mail. Simple enough, but shockingly tricky to get right.

After reviewing the closing team’s settlement statement and receiving confirmation of wire transfer and recording of closing, you’ll want to have your old keys in the agreed upon location with the Buyer.

Congratulations, you’ve sold your home! Now to decide on how to celebrate.

If you’re interested in receiving a complimentary condominium/home evaluation, let’s connect and discover how we can work together.